Wikipedia Interview

Wikipedia did an interview with me this past weekend and it’s already online. What an honor! I thought it was a big deal getting a Wikipedia entry at all, even though it’s on the verge of being removed for lack of relevance, but then they interview me. I love this kind of irony.

I haven’t even been doing much lately, and I certainly wasn’t trying to get an interview with Wikipedia, but hot damn! This rocks.
Awesome stuff! I didn't even know wiki had a news net. Very cool!

Though it looks like (I haven't tested it) you can edit your interview wiki.. hmm..?!?... I hope there's a lock on editing that article, otherwise someone be too tempted to insert the phrase w00t every where and include links to the many fake pharmaceutical drugs that cure impotence.

Horrors of War was so cool. I saw it outdoors at Wreck Beach first, and then later at Pacific Mall (Chinese Movie Pirate haven, also selling cheap samurai swords!)... found a pirate DVD of the Japanese version of HoW with the cover credits for some Nicole Kidman movie... LOL! Sonnyboo VS the pirates VS Blockbuster! I hope the former former wins. Great indie movie! Aside from wikinews articles and book writings, what is the Boo up to now?
Good for you, Sonnyboo!

Now when I look up Directors on wikipedia, which I do sometimes, I can say I kinda know someone listed there!

-- spinner :cool: