movie-talk What's the last film you watched? And rate it!


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Skyscraper with The Rock


A modern take on Die Hard but this time the building people are trapped in, taken over by terrorists, this time it's a smart building. Unfortunately the villain almost completely lacks screen presence. He is no hans gruber. And the cop is nowhere near as memorable as the cop from die
hard "they're for my wife... she's pregnant" and "welcome to the party pal!" these moments are totally missing from skyscraper.

But it does have some nail biting action scenes. It's not a bad film and die hard is a lot to live up to.




First was very, very clunky for a ghost thriller horror.

Second was ok for a PG-13 film. Interesting premise that went a bit "trying to be too clever" towards the end that really resulted in a bit of "shark jumping" messiness with hackers, etc.


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Office Christmas Party


there's a lot of weak jokes in this movie but i like jason bateman and kate mckinnon
comedy should have stronger writing
Sweet Virginia


Well done and directed low-budget crime drama. Pretty well acted.

Interesting was reading the very heavy on page directed screenplay from the China Brothers and then how pretty much none of it was adopted from the page to the screen. The director used his own style and prerogative and it worked out well.


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Kiss Me First 2.5 stars

A 6 episode miniseries that had enough content for a 90 minute movie.
A very strange title that makes it sound like a romance show targeted at teenage girls.

And instead of a satisfying ending they deny us even seeing the villain on screen and end with a cliffhanger phone call from him instead. It had some good stuff in it but there's too many flaws.


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Bojack Season 5

Bojack is prone to breaking the 4th wall a la deadpool but wow at this season. They spelled out everything they were doing and why. Right down to the dramatic juxtaposition of serious depressed bojack and wildly unrealistic and wacky adentures of todd.

Todd creates a sex robot called Henry Fondle that ends up rising to the rank of CEO and sexually harrassing everyone. But that name henry fondle... is there something about henry fonda that i don't know about ?? Or is that similarity a coincidence.
maniac - I have watched two episodes so far. really interesting. The plot is interesting but nothing new to it but the ambient is so peculiar and original that I though the show was adapted from a famous novel or something,it feels like a brand new video game!gotta give the writer some credit for this ambient ideas. The interesting thing is that it feels like two different time zones mingled together. Computers and every electronic device looks old but at the same time they have AI's smarter than humans. I couldn't find any novels associated with this show. But I found it is based on another norwegian show with the same name. I haven't watched the norwegian one, which one is better?
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Boarding School


Oddball in a good way. Not a Disney movie, in a good way. Not sure what to compare it to. Maybe similar to a decent, quirky Coen Brothers film.

Down a Dark Hall


An okay suspense/ghost story. Uma Thurman is really good in it. Maybe better than the film deserves, heheh.



I was very cautiously hopeful about this one, rather expecting it to suck. But it's a pretty cool Sci Fi. The ending succeeded in more-or-less wowing me, so. For people who like Under the Skin.
And, man…that lady's screams mixing with the mutant bear's vocalizations was one of the creepiest things in all of cinema, that I've seen/heard in a long while.

Brad's Status


A very touching slice-of-life film. Love Ben Stiller. Great supporting cast.

Living Dark: The Story of Ted the Caver


It was so-so. Not so bad. Low budget horror

Avengers: Infinity War


Fairly good.

We've Forgotten More Than We Ever Knew


It was okay. Mysterious. Unclear, but kind of interesting.

The Meg:


Fairly decent shark monster movie.

The Lodgers.


Not too bad of a thriller.

American Pastoral


Good political, family, historical drama. Ewan McGregor really is one of the best actors of our time.



Pretty damn cool.
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The Endless
Fairly decent.

A pretty fun ride. I haven't heard all of it, for sure, but from what I have heard, the soundtrack is quite good.

The Surface
Solid quality for a small indie. But story-wise it left me feeling dissatisfied with the protagonist. Maybe it will grow on me.

As Above So Below
Pretty solid horror/thrill film
skyscraper - 4/10
Nothing new to it. Lots of logical flaws in scene structures, I guess the writer didn't think the scenes through, he just wanted to get it over with. Many writers actually think that way. They think if they have some interesting exciting scenes, those will cast a shadow over other flaws of the movie and the audience won't notice them! The problem comes from 2 things: 1.Either the writer is stupid. 2. Or the writer thinks the audience is stupid.

Ju.-on: the beginning of the end 2014. 7/10

Ju-on series are great for sending a chill down your spine. This movie had some seriously creepy psychological scenes. But the story is what it has always been, nothing new to it.


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The Interview 4/5

Nice to see Hugo Weaving play the opposite of an authority figure. Great acting.
This is a movie that is based around two guys in a room talking and it unfolds quite nicely.