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I wanted to take my son to see the new Avatar movie today until discovered that the theaters all want $19.95 per ticket to see it!! I'm not going to spend $40 just to see a movie. I'd rather never see it than submit to such unbelievable greed driven prices.

It use to be that a 3D movie had a 3 or 4 dollar extra charge to cover the overhead associated with the glasses. Now they add almost $10 more to the ticket price of a film in 3D. Well, good luck James Cameron. This is one guy and his family who won't be seeing your movie. Well, not until Tuesday. That's Bargain Tuesday. I can see the movie in 3D then for $10.95 per ticket. That's a lot more reasonable.
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I just looked at the theater by me, $15 tix using Fandango, prob cheaper there not sure.
Are you in SLC? I notice that in Manhattan the prices start to skyrocket ($25.49). I am in Brooklyn.
I'm in a small town north of SLC but get this; The megaplex close to the Layton mall is charging almost $20 to see the film, but I discovered the megaplex in the Newgate mall has daily matinees until around 6pm. I don't know why the difference between megaplexes that are only 10 miles apart. The auditoriums are the same size. Both have reclining padded seats..

Anyway, I saw the film in 3D!!!!!!!!!!!!
I'm going to let it process for a day or two before I write anything about it except to say that it is the most amazing film I have EVER seen. Not just the CGI, although it is the most amazingly photo-realistic thing I've ever seen. The story is enthralling. I'll be honest, I was not the biggest fan of the first Avatar, but this one. Oh my god.. What can I say except James Cameron does not disappoint.

Oh, and to James Cameron, sorry I said I wasn't going to see your film :)
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