software-related What is your favourite old-game?)

Yup. Although once you discovered you could get down to one rock, then lurk in the corner and shoot through the edge of the screen at the little saucer, and zip across when he came out on your side . . . you could rack up a score

Yes! I was usually the high score guy at my arcade, doing that. I would get the 3 highest scores and post:


Ha ha!

I liked Glaxian and Galaga, esp. the table-top ones in a bar :)

In that case, you would enjoy being at my house!

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Old-school games have a charm of their own! Personally, I've always had a soft spot for classic titles like "Super Mario Bros." and "The Legend of Zelda." Those games bring back fond memories of childhood gaming adventures.
I've been diving deep into Counter-Strike lately, which is more on the modern side. But if you ever decide to explore customizing your gaming experience, you can check out They offer a range of CS2 skins to add a fresh twist to your game.
So, whether it's a retro gem like "Super Zaxxon Machine" or a modern classic, gaming is all about having fun!
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