favorite What is your all time favorite movie scene?

Reservoir Dogs opening.
Reservoir Dogs dinner scene.
Pulp Fiction dinner scene.
Children of Men's boat ride scene.

Just to name a few, there are hundreds of wonderful scenes.
The sequence in Ridley Scott's LEGEND where the captured Lily looks over the Dark Lord's feast, then the sparkly jewels he has given her, then the black dress dancer appears behind her, she is seduced into dance, the hold hands and dance together to haunting carnival music. Then in a single passionate turn Lily becomes the dark dancer as it turns out it is her bridal gown to the Dark Lord.

...and then she sees herself in the mirror...and then Darkness steps through it, giving you the first full view of him (he was shrouded and/or in shadows before)! God I love that movie! I know Scott never cared much for the Tangerine Dream score (which was done in a crazy short timeframe), but the original Jerry Goldsmith score is sorta...average classic fantasy. The TDream score is different and otherworldly, and most importantly, the rhythm changes in the waltz actually fit the movie (as opposed to the original, if you watch the director's cut/european version).
The opening scene of Apocalypse Now with The Doors playing...
The opening scene of Scream with Drew Barrymore...
The final 'what's in the box?' scene from Se7en...
The opening scene of The Social Network...
the final scene of Kind Hearts and Coronets...

To name just a few!
Off the top of my head...

-The ONE action scene in The International. Beautifully choreographed, and they shot up an entire fake Gugenheim!

-Any Christopher Nolan film where the scene involves 3 or more things happening at once.

-The scene in Pirates of the Carribean 3, when they're sailing back from Davy Jones' locker, and float past all the canoes w/souls in them.

-War of the Worlds (the new one) where Robbie leaves to join the army and the sky is basically a strobe light.

-The last scene of Stay. It's simply the best depiction of a dream that I've seen in a movie to date.

-Sunshine, when Capa and Kaneda go outside to repair the ship. I won't spoil it here, and don't watch it on Youtube because you don't see the full scene there. If you have access to the full movie and can watch that scene in its entirety, DO IT!
Yeah pretty much everything everyon else said too!

Glad to see others liked Southland Tales. I always thought that was another of those movies that NOONE liked but me.. (like Speed Racer. hah!)

The Janes Addiction song quote from Southland Tales too.. spoken by Zelda Ruben-mumblemumble.

(least I think it was Originated with Janes Addiction.. wouldn't surprise me if it was much older)


How much for your daughter?

Also - Tarantino:
The End of Resevoir Dogs,
James Gandolfini's death in True Romance,
The Gimp Scene in Pulp Fiction,
The Opening of Natural Born Killers,
"Wanna Fuck?" in Jackie Brown,
His Whole section of "Four Rooms",
Previously Mentioned Crazy 88 in Kill Bill,
Daryl Hannah Fight Sceen/Caradine Death in Kill Bill 2
Kurt Russel torture/killing the girl in Death Proof
and the theatre owner/nazi resturaunt scene in Inglourious Basterds..

that dude can cause a scene.
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All great scenes and with two exceptions, exactly what I
would expect to read - plenty of Tarantino. The two being
a couple of my personal favs - the opening of "Once Upon
A Time in the West" and the chicken scene in "Pink
Flamingos". Maybe one more - I was surprised by cjnixon's
"Southland Tales" choice. Is that a great underrated film
or what?

If I had to pick just one I would go with the "Singin' in the
Rain" number from the movie of the same name.

Give me five:
The arrival of Mary Poppins in that film.
The attack on Hoth in "The Empire Strikes Back"
The heist in "The Killing" - and the ending.
The "Take Off With Us" scene in "All That Jazz"

Omg. It is SO underrated. The film mixes so many themes. Scifi, christain, musicals, darkass comedy. I feel like in a hundred years it might final get the respect it deserves. So glad someone else besides me loves it.

I thought of two more The game show scene in PTAs Magnolia.
The New Years Eve scene of Boogie Nights. Absolutely genius scene. So awesome.
The fight scene between Richard Burton and Elizebeth Taylor in Cleopatra. The one where

Antoni has been is self-imposed isolation and she comes to get him to lead her forces against


Staring at 5:50

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Off the top of my head: The "departing" scene in Big Fish as Finney's character is carried to the water and passing all the people he met in his life.

Gives me goosebumps even now-that scene has a lot of meaning to me.

On the humerous side:

Santa telling Ralph "You'll shoot your eye out kid!" before pushing him down the slide with his foot in "A Christmas Story (and Ralph's expression before getting "the boot") :lol:
The "I will find you, and I will kill you" scene from Taken. Liam Neeson was awesome in that film!

Either that or...

The CIA break in scene in Mission Impossible where Tom Cruise is hanging above the pressure activated floor and the bead of sweat is dripping down his face

The "Stuck in the middle with you" scene in Reservoir Dogs

The scene in Johnny English where they play the wrong DVD and everyone see's him dancing in the bathroom

and finally...

The Crazy 88 fight scene in Kill Bill vol. 1


I loved Kill Bill!
I completely forgot two of my favourites!

The scene in Snatch where the characters all crash into one another and the following scenes in the bar etc

The scene in The Day After Tomorrow where the ship floats down the middle of New York City
that absolutely blew me away when I saw it in the cinema
I completely forgot two of my favourites!

The scene in Snatch where the characters all crash into one another and the following scenes in the bar etc

The scene in The Day After Tomorrow where the ship floats down the middle of New York City
that absolutely blew me away when I saw it in the cinema
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Lion king mufasa death *tear*
No gravity fight scene in inception (mainly because I saw how it was filmed and I think christopher nolan's commitment to quality art is inspiring)
AAh! Snatch! - the scene after the last fight.. with the Oasis song playing in the background ("f**king in the bushes") and that incredible narration!

"You ever cross the road and look the wrong way? And then Presto there's a car nearly on ya. So what do you do? Something very silly - you freeze. And your life doesn't flash before you because you're too f**king scared to think. You just freeze and pull a stupid face. But the pikey didn't. Why?

Because he had plans on running the car over."

I forgot about that!

Now I MUST watch that again!

::edited because I pretty much spoiled the whole movie! oops! got carried away for a second.::

That whole movie was brilliant! I don't think I've seen it since it came out. That's why threads like this are so awesome!
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