What is Quality?

We had a pretty good conversation about art and what is an artist.
So, now onto something new...

What is quality? How do we define it? Are there characteristics that all things of quality have? Does art have to have quality to lift a person from the arena of those who only wish to be called artists but show no quality? .. So many things to think about.

The definition of quality describes a comparison of similar things. This is how the definition defines quality. Basically the best of what's available. I don't like that definition. If all things are crap then you'd just be proclaiming quality to the best of the worst.

I think we all know quality when we see it, but what is it?
... an attention to detail. That's an important attribute of quality. When the city workers fill in a pot hole in the road. There is quality if the work is good and clean and leaves the traveler able to drive over the filled hole without feeling it. Quality. Attention to detail.
That video is worth watching over and over again..... and I will.

When I was young, a very good sculptor told me the difference between someone who sculpts and someone who sculpts well is time. A good sculptor is willing to take the time where others would say "good enough".
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Oh, I agree with you. I was simply noting what Google defines it as; 'The standard of something as measured against other things of a similar kind..'

My Webster's New International Dictionary, printed in 1962 uses 1/3rd of a page to define quality. Definition 2: Degree of excellence. There are 8 definitions given but they all mention excellence.

I agree.

Getting back to Googles definition. You see what they're doing there, don't you? By claiming quality is a comparison, and the best one there has quality, they are quietly lowering the standards by which all things are judges.
Now that this extremely long headache is fading, I think I can manage to exemplify quality in an objective fashion.

While many talented individuals across the world have contributed numerous legitimate examples of quality creative workmanship, the apex of human creativity was actually achieved in the 1990's by publicly funded television in the United Kingdom. Here, in the clip below, we observe the pinnacle of artistic quality, given form by the production crew of "Darkplace" a serial drama that managed to enlighten and enrich it's many viewers across the eastern part of Surrey. The behind the scenes interview below goes a bit deeper into the shows greatness, and goes as far as to expand upon the crew's opinion that the show constituted such an important and lasting contribution to society that none of them should ever be expected to pay taxes or "license" again.

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