acting What does an actor/actress want from a director?

It's probably different for different actors, but I would agree with Chris, confidence and competence at a minimum. Technical ability, personable, understanding instinctively what each actor requires to do their best. A cool head. A leader.
Most actors would like their director to be able to talk about the character they're playing in whatever degree of detail the actor may require. This can vary day to day from needing very little input, to some days/scenes where the actor may be confused and need more input. It does help if the director has a strong sense of why the narrative is constructed the way that it is, scene to scene. This can help an actor stay anchored, or to play a scene at the proper level of emotion relative to the larger story being told. The director will have more perspective about that than the actor will, most likely. I think what actors are not crazy about is a director who says: "Here is the shot, stand here and say such and such", or to give them line readings. You ideally want the actor to connect emotionally and inhabit the character, leading to a more genuine performance. They don't want to be made to feel that theirs is a technical exercise.