What do you think of Slated.com?

So, I came across this site which appears to have a bunch of industry types being connected to investors. It seems pretty legit and interesting, so I signed up for it. The downside is there is a waiting process to be accepted on the site unless you have 2 referrals, which I have 1. It looks like I don't have a lot of colleagues in my social networks who are also on Slated.com.

Are any of you on there? Is it a good alternative to crowdfunding?

I'd love to hear your opinions as I am trying to build a bigger pool of creative professionals to advance my directing career.

Check it out here. www.Slated.com


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The reason no one answered in 7 years is because no one here on indietalk had
(or has) any personal experience.

Slated does seem legit. You can join for free. Have you joined?