What are you listening to right NOW!

Benyamin [Bahadori] - Salam Bambai (Hello Mumbai).. Before it: Chand metr mokaabe eshgh (some meters of love cube) - same artist...
My road trip playlist (even though I'm driving a desk today). Song on right now is OYAHYTT from the Sorry to Bother You soundtrack.
I'm listening to the CAPRICORN ONE CD from Intrada (the version used in the actual film). I finally found one for under $50, from ebay. I like it so much more than the rerecorded release that has been out all of these years. Also, just got the Intrada PREDATOR score. GODZILLA came from Amazon, today. Also, enjoying ROB's MANIAC score; beautiful electronic music that seems hugely influenced by Giorgio Moroder's CAT PEOPLE. ROB's REVENGE should be here, anyday now.