top-list Top ten Characters of all time

No order, just all goodness.

1. Captain Jack Sparrow
2. Ash from "Medieval Dead" (aka- the original title for Army of Darkness). I mean all the ED movies, BTW.
3. Peter Fonda's character in Easy Rider
4. Inspector Clousseau (Sellers)
5. The Terminator (Arnie)
6. Dr. Frankenfurter (tim curry, in rocky horror) (Brad coming in second for the wonderufl cheese factor)
7. Jay and Silent Bob
8. Rainman (Hoffman)
9. Whoever played Sean connery on SNL Jepordy. That's just plain funny.
10. And I'd like to end with a Shakespearian character, but had some trouble figuring out which one to pick. Hamlet's my personal favorite, but Macbeth is another good one. Then there's the drunken porter in Macbeth. Falstaff, Polonius, Titus (that psycho), Puck and Bottom, Prospero... so many good characters. I'd stick with Hamlet though- he thinks himself into his own death, but he keeps a dry wit about him until the bitter end. Love it.
Couldn't narrow it down:

Darth Vader
Indiana Jones
Charles Foster Kane
James Bond
Hannibal Lecter
Captain Bligh
Travis Bickle
The Terminator
T.E. Lawrence
The Wicked Witch of the West
Han Solo
The Little Tramp
Rocky Balboa
Scarlett O'hara
Norman Bates
Eve Harrington
Forrest Gump
Annie Hall
Michael Corleone
Antonio Salieri
Raymond Babbet
Amon Goeth
Norma Desmond
Dr. Strangelove
Mary Poppins
Luke Skywalker
It is difficult to choose only 10 from millions of characters,
i won't make a top ten list, but here are my favourit characters:

Michael Myers
Freddy Krueger
Jason Voorheese
Darth Vader
Darth Sidious
Frank Drebbin, Leslie Nielsen Characters!!! all great!
Adam Sandler Charakters!!! all great!
Maximus (Gladiator)
Shorty (Scary Movie films)
Homer (The Simpsons)
King Kong
T-Rex (from Jurrassic Park)
Bad Boys (the new films with Martin Lawrence and Will Smith)
Topper Harley (Hot Shots)
Ash (Evil Dead films)

that are only some of many great characters...
Bob (Reflections of Evil)
Montag (The Wizard of Gore)
Coffin Joe
Bud (Repo Man)
Ming, the Merciless
Sardu (Bloodsucking Freaks)
Mok (Rock & Rule)
Vyvyan (The Young Ones)

Those are the first ten that popped into my mind, I could go on though.

Hanzo, the Razor...

See? i could go on and on...

Frankenstein (Death Race 2000)

I'm going to bed. Cheers!
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...gee, I sure wish I could find someone who watches horror films around here :D

...characters? This is harder than the movies for me because I forget character names, hmmm...

Jules and Vincent Vega -Pulp Fiction
Verbal - The Usual Suspects
Mr. Pink - Resevoir Dogs
Penny Lane - Almost Famous
DuFrene (sp) - The Shawshank Redemption
The little girl in Crooklyn (an underrated coming of age film by Spike Lee, love this film)

....I'm workin' on it......

--spinner :cool:
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to many to stop at ten

bill the buthcer(gangs of new york)
darth vader/darth mual
hannible lecter
jason voorheese
nurse ratchet(one flew over the cuckoos nest)
atticus finch(to kill a mockingbird)
virgil tibbs(they call me mister tibbs) classic line
andrew beckett (philadelphia)
norman bates
cant remember the name off the top of my head but jacks character in a few good men.
bill murray from caddyshack
mickey form snatch
schoolgirl from kill bill 1(she was just badand asian :D )
tony from scarface
spacey in seven
mr. pink
David Carradine As Bill-Kill Bill
Darth Vadar
Travis from Taxi Triver(Deniro)
Jack Nicholson's Mr Torence in the shining.
Indiana Jones
Gary Oldman's Dracula
Bill The Butcher/ Gangs of New York
The Dude (Jeff Bridges/Big Laboski)
Jack Sparrow
No Particular Order Just the first 10 that popped into my head.
Old Man, Spencer Tracy in Old Man and The Sea
Benjamen Franklin Gates. Nicolas Cage, National Treasure
Tunnel Man, Charles Bronson, The Great Escape
Han Suyin, Jennifer Jones, Love is a Many Splendored Thing
Man at the Tiller, Humphery Bogart, African Queen
Pretty Woman, Julia Roberts, Pretty Woman
Cowboy, Matt Damon, All the Pretty Horses
Gigi, Leslie Caron, Gigi
Decoder, Hal Holbrook, Midway
Tom, Henry Fonda, The Grapes of Wrath
Beauty, Hedy Lamar, Ecstacy
Beethoven, Gary Oldman, Immortal Beloved
Wife, Ali MacGraw, The Getaway
Nerd, Michael Douglas, Falling Down

Ooops too many!

I forgot another one... JACK SKELINGTON. A nightmare before christmas more and more cool character keeping popping into my head. I dont think I could have a clear cut top ten.
A few more greats.

The Shrink, Lorraine Brocco, The Sopranos
Passenger 57, Wesley Snipes.
The hobo, William Holden, Picnic
Tommy De Vito, Joe Pesci, Goodfellas --* Agree with Texasvenom
Traveling salesman, Dennis Weaver, Duel
Papillion, Steve McQueen, Papillion
Girlfriend, Debra Winger, Officer and a Gentleman
Robert Dean Esq. Will Smith, Enemy of the State
Alcholic, Lee Rremick, Days of Wine and Roses
Self Made Man, James Dean, Giant
Bus Driver, Sandra Bullock, Speed

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My Ten

Alan Swan (Peter O'Toole) My Favorite Year

Quint (Robert Shaw) Jaws

Travis Bickle (DeNiro) Taxi Driver

Michael Corleone (Pacino) Godfathers

Nicholson's character in Five Easy Pieces

Shirley McClaine's character in Terms of Endearment

Welles' character in Touch of Evil

Beavis and Butthead (mike judge) in Beavis and Butthead Do America

Alvie Singer (Woody Allen) Annie Hall

Paul Newman's character in Slap Shot