top-list Top ten Characters of all time

i like gary oldman in the professional
gary sinise in ransom
mad max
the devil in passion of the christ
vince vaughn from swingers (and almost any other vince vaughn role)
alvin mack from the program (im gonna bust your gut open and watch you die!)
chet from wierd science
horward the duck
bird #27 from the birds ( he was just evil :devil: )
john mclane-die hard
deniro-cape fear
nick cage in raising arizona
ill come back for some more :yes:
im sorry but i have to say something about passenger 57, give me a break a great character, you should be ashamed, just shame. :crazy:
I agree with texasvenom I had a smirk on my face when I read Passenger 57 on that list. Must really like Wesley. You could have at least chose Blade or even the character from New Jack City. If you where going to go with passanger 57 what about his character in money train? just joking but I would like to know why you think his character in 57 would be a top ten character.
Another character that was great was Mickey Knox, Natural Born Killers
Woody Harelsons scene right before the riot. Where he is telling the jokes and then he gets a shotgun from the guard and all hell breaks out with Rage in the backround..that was cool.