The New Canon Cinema EOS c300

Anyone else reading the liveblog of Canon's Hollywood event announcing their new Cinema camera? Looks pretty cool though no specs yet. The RED Scarlett announcement should be coming up any minute now, too. Big night for indie filmmaking!

ETA: Just noticed that the RED announcement will be a 6PM PST.
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Being able to use existing Canon EF lenses is a great thing (I have a pretty decent collection of them), and down-sampling to HD from full resolution (as opposed to the line-skipping of DSLRS) is huge, but $15,000? Argh.

Y'know, if they could make a video camera with just those features that cost somewhere in the $5000 range, they'd sell way more than three times as many cameras, making a bigger profit and letting us not-super-rich-but-decently-middle-class wannabe-filmmakers finally get some high-class video equipment without all the fix-it-in-post nonsense we have to go through with DSLR footage.

Canon Mount Package

SCARLET-X with side SSD and Al Canon Mount Package: $13,965
Includes: Scarlet-X Brain
Includes: DSMC Side Handle
Includes: 5" Touch LCD
Includes: 2x REDVolts
Includes: REDVolt travel charger
Includes: REDMAG 64GB
Includes: RED STATION 1.8

Will begin shipping on Dec 1


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If it really only records 1080p, then I can't help but ask myself, "what was the point?" I'll just stick with a DSLR...

Well yes, if you choose a camera based entirely on resolution… as Jason Wingrove said on Twitter, "A LOT of people make a LOT of money just fine with 1080p." I think the pricing for the C300 is way off the mark, but some people seem to think that anything that doesn't do 60FPS @ 4K is completely unusable.

Well shit on me...

Scarlet's 10K for 4K with an Epic sized Sensor.

In some ways I think it's much more impressive than $3K for 3K. I bet there are a few Epic owners kicking themselves right now.

It's cute!

Wait, so does the new Canon only take lenses that have a manually-controllable aperture on the lens?

It will take current EF glass, so I can't imagine they'd leave out aperture control for their own mount. If you want auto-focus with your EF lenses, on the other hand, you'd be better off going with a Scarlet with a Canon mount… weird.
It's cute!

Wait, so does the new Canon only take lenses that have a manually-controllable aperture on the lens?

Right, EF glass it just doesn't have an auto mode, using a dial or buttons on the body you manually set the aperture, ISO and shutter speed (like current manual modes) and have to use MF.
Man, I want that Scarlet!

Man, I want this Scarlett!


I'm sorry I trailer off when you guys kept talking about cameras. The Scarlett does seem the much better option though. We've got to get you one Phil!
Sony just announced rebates this morning on their line haha. Through Dec 31.

Sony releases rebates of up to $800 on XDCAM EX™ camcorders!
Capture extraordinary savings of up to $9,850 on XDCAM EX production packages

So you could save $800 on that F3....