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  • I don't see myself visiting England in the near future, though I guess I never know. I've noticed you have been to Australia before though :D
    I just wanted to stop by and say that some of your work is an inspiration to myself :) I'm a year older than you and while I do have more work to show, your quality stunningly destroys my own in pretty much all the films I've made :P Keep up the good effort, You are going to go far with your film making and I hope some day we could somehow work together!
    I am Padma Narayanaswamy an Indian script writer . I write crossover feature scripts in English.
    My scripts have strong story line and family oriented.
    My script is titled My Indian Sister .Sundari arrested? Ha! Why should I care?

    Lovely an Hollywood actor, ignores her fraternal twin sister Sundari due to hatred. However her sister not only forgives her, but rallies to save her sister from a murder rap.
    I look forward to hear from you and thanks
    yours truly
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