The Movie of your Dreams


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Apparently people are applying AI image generation techniques to brain scans and are able to have stable diffusion create images that mirror what the person is seeing.
Seems to me that this same technology can be applied to dreams, recording what you dream and then allowing you to play back a series of images!

And in time, when AI can create video instead of still images.... you will be able to play back the movie of your dreams!!
This is actually something that can happen in our lifetime. What a crazy leap forward.

I mean there's tons of possible dystopian uses for the technology too, but imagine you can record video playback of memories.. woah.
Eyewitness accounts of crimes would be possible, sketch artists would eliminated as a career, murderers would sell memory playbacks of their crimes on the black market, any other ideas out there in IT land to apply this tech?
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I can't wait to see the computer generated movies of my dreams.

It's just going to be me trying to feed quarters into a parking meter, and I keep reaching into my pocket and pulling out other kinds of coins, and there's this cop that appears to be pulling up closer every time I look but never actually gets any closer, and I start trying to force the foreign and promotional coins into the parking meter, and I look back and the cop is pumping a shotgun in his car, looking really menacing, and then my third grade english teacher comes up with pitch black eyes and starts screaming "correct change only" and the parking meter keeps getting taller, until I'm standing on the roof of my car trying to shove a 1985 burger king promotional coin into it, and I keep slipping on the car roof and almost falling off, and that's when Carson Daily comes up next to the car and starts setting up a ww2 mortar emplacement, wearing one of those helmets with the nets on it and looking through binoculars at the horizon. I'm really concerned that Carson is going to accidentally land one of those mortar shells on the sidewalk, so I try to get down, but find that my finger is stuck in the parking meter slot, which is still ascending. I'm looking up trying to get my finger unstuck, and I see Christopher Nolan's face 3 miles across and pointing straight down, descending from the clouds with one eye tightly shut. it's mouth opens and a for a moment, I'm certain that it's about to reveal the meaning of life. "what, if, like, stuff went backwards" the face says, it's thundering voice shaking trees all down the street, and at that moment all these people start running out the front doors of their houses and throwing bales of cash into the air, and all the bales of cash just start floating upwards in sort of an upside down tornado and flying into Nolan's open mouth, and his eyes start glowing brighter and brighter, and then out of the sky is this huge noise of the iphone default ringtone, and I wake up.

I think as a show it would be a real step up for people that have been watching reality tv.