The Cow Named Meow (rant)


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In high school english class i was given an assignment - Write a children's story.
I still remember how mine began.

There once was a cow named Meow
Though mooing is what a cow would do
The cow named Meow he couldn't moo!

The teacher gave me a bad grade and said it was too confusing for students.=

In middle school english class I was given an assignment - Write a futurology paper about middle schools in 50 years.
The teacher selected all the best papers and submitted them to a state wide competition. Mine was not selected by the teacher.
The teacher didnt think mine was good enough.

I independently submitted my paper anyway - I won second prize in the entire state! $50, not bad for a sixth grader. It's decent money.
Anyway this is just a little rant about how ignorant people can be and that teachers never appreciated my writing.

Did you ever see that movie "Yesterday"
There are some amazing scenes in that movie that you can slap some people in the face with goddamn genius and they still wont recognize the value of your art

"nice song!"
"its not a very nice song, its one of the greatest songs ever written!"
"well its not coldplay.. its not fix you"

Anyway the point is that the cow named meow is a great story about being born different than everyone else. And it’s not too confusing for children!!
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In my opinion - and opinion is the functional word here - good vs. bad in any creative endeavor is subjective.
And that scene from "Yesterday" is a great illustration of that.

the 'let it be' scene where he tries to play for his parents is really painful if you havent seen the movie
they appreciate exactly 0 seconds of the song lol

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I have a lot to say about this topic, as usual, but I can't because I'm mentally stalled on the word "Futurology" from the OP. Is that a word teachers use in schools now????

Ok, I will comment on the "let it be" scene. I have had many life experiences similar to this. Honestly it's one of the reasons I come to this site, because social media seems more like what's shown in the video.

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