The big 'Hollywood' budgeted movies start

The big 'Hollywood' budgeted movies start with John Carter.

I grew up loving these books. Never thought the books would get made in to a quality movie. When I heard that they were starting production five years ago, I was dreading that they would destroy story while not being able to capture the epic grandeur of the visuals and audio that ERB (slang for Edgar Rice Burroughs) had detailed with in his heroic fantasy science-fiction series from over a hundred years ago.

But money and technology can cure (or create) a lot. My understanding is that those making John Carter also have the love for the books that I (like many others) have. We shall see. They are spending top dollar on this production.

There is also a poll on this forum seeking to categorize taste (by us) on IndieTalk. If those numbers are accurate -- I guess many of us will be rushing off to see John Carter when it hits the theaters. I hope it is to ERB's books that LOTR was to J. R. R. Tolkien...

Here is an article and a visual/audio taste --
I never read the books, and what I know of them comes from things characters in Heinlein books said (I think there was quite a lot of talk of Barsoom and such in 'Number of the Beast.')

But the movie looks interesting. I'll probably check it out if it gets decent reviews :)
Some people call Heinlein sexist but I love it. :)

Of course I'm a Lovecraft fan and a thinly veiled racism (which would have been 100% normal in that era) is rampant in his stuff. The evil always originates from some "dark foreigner" or "mulatto sailor" or some such thing. Class-ism as well , the ignorant lower classes pop up, usually as the frightened mob.

That stuff is what it is. We can't judge everything by today's PC standards.
My understanding -- is that while staying true to the story, characters, brutal 'barbarian' adventures with violence, etc. (wonder if the film makers poke fun at organized religion like ERB did -- while tipping hat to technological ethics), the John Carter movie has been updated to fit our current 'intelligent' and 'cultural' sensibilities.

ERB was not the 'typical' writer of his period. He made members of all races bad and extremely good with his pulp novels, (the exception -- he did not like Germans -- really hated Nazis). Yeah, ERB was a believer in GOOD and BAD, there was no in-between with his characters. AND true, he focused on white males (with sometimes 'chauvinistic' glee) -- but he also featured with positives and praise -- the American Indian, those with African heritage, had strong (very few weak) female main-characters, he depicted all races as intelligent and equal -- even alien(s) and their cultures.

ERB did go with the flow of history, was never a fan of nazis or the Japanese during WW2. He did have a bit of 'class-ism' in his characters. But he always had that shine for bringing different cultures into the pulp fiction realm, whether it was the Venus, Moon, Earth Core, Apache, Tarzan or Martian series. ERB also evolved for the better as he got older. Which is a good thing. We should all evolve.
Well....I dont like nazis to........jou know....the holocaust.....and stuf. That was not a very nice thing to do. I wonder about the movie to...but I will wait for the Red letter media review before I go.
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@Gonzo I met Frazetta once :)

@Op Sad to say, I can't believe what I am seeing on these stats. It's a flop per the box office but just about anyone I speak to about it says they loved it.

What went wrong on this one?