Subtitles in UK Films

All the films made in the US have subtitles irrespective of whether it is a DVD or streaming service. Of course, it goes without saying for foreign films. But I have noticed most (or some?) of the UK films don't have subtitles, particularly the 1930s to 2000s. Is there any specific reason they don't put the subtitles on?
Thank you for your reply.

Because of this subtitle issue, I miss watching some great UK films including Hitchcock's earlier films.


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I'm shocked you cant download subtitles from somewhere..
Quick search turned up this website.

What hitchcock film didn't have subtitles?
I borrowed Séance on a Wet Afternoon (1964) DVD from the library. No subtitles.

Another DVD I borrowed was The Long Good Friday (1980). Considered as one of the best gangster movies in the UK. No subtitles.

Some of Hitchcock films like Blackmail (1929), The Farmer's Wife (1928) don’t have subtitles.

I can list a lot of films like that.

I know there are some websites that you can download the subtitles. I have a MacBook, and I usually use the DVD player application. When I tried to upload this downloaded subtitles to this DVD player, it never worked. It worked in VLC, but again the subtitles didn’t match the spoken word. It was few seconds delayed in many instances, which was way distracting and defeats the purpose.

In this advanced technology era, we can keep it simple, and the DVD distribution in the UK can follow what the rest of the world is doing.