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software Stupid Robot

I gave this robot the sheet music for a haunting piano melody. It thought about the job for 5 hours, and then tried to play the entire song with one hand. Facepalm.

Nothing ever works the first time, par for the course.

The hope is that eventually we can get 3d characters to play live music accurately in films via AI. It would be nearly impossible to animate a character playing piano well via conventional means, especially on a budget.
She prefers to use her left hand and ned flanders doesn't appreciate your implications

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Methods like this are relatively easy, feeding midi files to a 3d avatar, what I was referring to was the difficulty in conventional 2d animation where every finger has to be manually moved. Kind of depends on what you call easy, we're animating dozens, sometimes hundreds of characters in a shot, so creating 2-3000 individual animations for a background character manually would be, impossible from a budget standpoint. That's what automation is good for, and this is just a demo of an available automation technique.
Some classic animations were drawn over the course of years, by teams of up to hundreds of people in some cases. Even in modern times Pixar has spent 200 million dollars animating a 90 minute film. So It's puzzling that you can't understand the value of software that allows low budget filmmakers to animate complex tasks accurately at a low cost.
As far as audio editing, synching fingers and sound, here's a really good, pretty funny, job, featuring our friend Glenn Gould.

Oh, and Nate. I think I got a crush on your robot, so...please don't call her stupid :)

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I'll admit that I did not know what a shred video was, but now that I see two examples, I get it. This one that you posted is hilarious. I was just making a joke that the "shred" overdub sounds exactly like the "real music" that local Jazz musicians play when trying to impress people by skillfully avoiding any note or chord that sounds good. Bartok and Schoenberg at least have the excuse that they were breaking new ground, by introducing the idea that "horrible" could be a new genre of music. I have no idea what the local music professors are on about over a century later.

I honestly enjoyed the video you just posted more than any local jazz performance I've ever heard. I'll probably never know why people overdose on Xanax and decide to keep segueing back and forth between mixolydian and Phrygian. And why is there always one bald guy in the back pretending he's rocking out at an AC/DC concert every time someone starts playing augmented 9th chords in 13/31 time signature.
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This one direction video sounds like Mumford and Sons!

As far as the second one, I don't think that's a shred, it's just the real Imagine Dragons with the autotune turned off.
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