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Studio lighting setup

Hi folks!

I'm building my own amateur studio for recording personal projects and monologues.
My budget is around $500 for lighting. What's tbe best way to go?

LED lights seems to be a pretty good investment. I'm currently checking out the Yongnuo YN300, YN300 II and YN300 Air LED lights. For a room of approximately 4x5m (13x16 ft) - do you think any of these lights would do? I' think I want to experiment with the 3 point lighting system. Would 3xYN300 Air or 3xYN300 (II) with diffusers do the trick?



Pro Member
LEDs are definitely the future and they last a long time, but if cost is a concern, I've found the 85W daylight balance CFLs are pretty capable, although they are fragile. The large CFLs are softer than LEDs and generally have a higher CRI.

LEDs are virtually indestructible and much more efficient. If you can afford them, they are probably the way to go.
Thanks for the input everyone.

I was thinking about the CFL's as an alternative but I decided to go with Aputure Amaran 528S + 528W kit. They seem like a good investment and won't break the bank.