directors Steve Cutts, the greatest film director you've never heard of

I've tried once before, but since this is an indie film community, I feel it's worth another shot to introduce all of you to the work of one "Steve Cutts"

I've seen what I would call "a number" of indie films, and frankly, not all of them were great. Steve however is the real deal, hardworking, creative, talented, and industrious. We could all learn a bit from his rampaging imagination and brilliantly grim sense of humor.

There are more of these, it looks like he's made one every year or two for a while. Anyone interested can of course visit his youtube channel via any of these links.
This is probably the single most successful independent filmmaker in the world today. (meaning actual independent, one person, not Sony giving a debutante 10 million dollars and a crew)

It's actually really strange that no one has any response to any of his work here. People are always asking if it's even possible to win as an indie film director, and this guy actually did it.

His revenues across over 130 million viewings (just on youtube) run through the calculator at about 80k a year. It's not quite what you would hope, especially for a guy at the top of his game, but it is a living wage, from an independent filmmaker, achieved via consistent hard work and talent.
Sorry, Nate. I watched 2 of the videos yesterday just didn't post....
Yeah, Steve Cutts is great. Man is reminiscent of Max Fleischer style cartoons. A Brief Disagreement has a technical brilliance to it. Both come with a message but without being peachy. They are very entertaining on the surface, but if you choose to look beneath the surface, you find the deeper meaning that Steve wanted to conveying. I think all movies should aspire to do that, no matter what's on the surface there should be an inner meaning for those who choose to see it.

I know of at least one other Indie film maker who was a one man show. His name is Takehide Hori. He produced a stunning stop motion movie called JunkHead. If you haven't seen it, you need to. Since Junkhead, he found some funding, hired a crew then expanded Junkhead into a full blown feature film, but let there be no mistaking, he did the original Junkhead movie alone. About 20 minutes long.
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Of course I like the Max Fliesher stuff, a legend really.

lol, to me his social commentary seemed highly opaque, but I liked it, and I liked the spirit in which it was presented. I also like the energy here, a mind constantly exploring the possibilities of what could happen in the very next second.

As far as communicating ethics messages, I think we all do it to some degree. You can find an ethical thread in every TNG episode, or even just a random episode of "Simon and Simon"

I think the best examples, or at least the most sophisticated ones that I've seen come in the form of allegory, which can be incredibly powerful in the hands of a gifted writer.

Anyway, I'm glad to know that at least one other person likes Steve Cutts. Obviously, I think he's amazing.


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most successful independent filmmaker in the world today... at about 80k a year

Wow if you ever needed a reason to quit short films this is it ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„ ๐Ÿ˜„
The very best most successful you can hope to be is... way less money than i'd make doing computer software lol

In any industry worth a damn the person at the VERY TOP of the pile should make more than a starting salary out of college..
EDIT - Keep in mind this dude pays taxes, has no health insurance so he's probably paying 12k a year too for insurance, and there is nobody matching his investments into a 40k. so really taking home a LOT less than someone with an 80k salary investing into their 401k with free health insurance... its just sad for someone that 'struck gold' at the top of the entire short film pile.. its not inspiring at all.

Reminds of that massive failure that was quibi, betting all that money that people would watch short form content, and falling on their face
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I love this one