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Signed the distribution offer for Tiburon...


IndieTalk's Resident Guru
I have had three films distributed through them. Too bad you didn’t
mention them back in September when I asked. I know Darrin well.
I could have offered some advice. Glad you made a deal you are happy


IndieTalk's Resident Guru
I'm glad to offer anything that can help.

Darrin is a good guy - honest and upfront about what he can and cannot
do. His three companies change as the market changes and that has kept
him afloat for 15 years through many market changes. I remember when
he started Brain Damage in the late '90's.

They are very specific about what films they distribute and they do not pay
up front except in very rare cases. If you're looking for a big payday - this
isn't the place.
Thanks, Rik! At this point, a big payday is pretty much off the table.

Several months ago, I hired a producer's rep firm called Circus Road. My manager checked them out with his Hollywood contacts, who all gave them a thumbs-up. Circus Road sent my film out to fifty distributors, all of whom passed on it. Maxim wasn't one of the fifty, but Circus Road cautioned me to beware of distributors who aren't among their contacts, as they usually had specific reasons for omitting them.

But, like I said, Maxim just picked up 2 features by another Oregon filmmaker, so the name seems to be coming up a lot lately. Hearing that you had a positive experience with them is worth a lot.