directing showing emails on screen

I'm looking for interesting ways to show emails on screen in a documentary. I can print them out and then do a shallow depth of field thing, focusing on the lines I want to emphasize, or I can shoot a computer screen - also shallow depth of field and maybe show pixels.

Or I can animate the graphics, maybe show typing on screen or something more than just a yellow highlight and slightly moving images.

Does anyone have any ideas of how to make this more dynamic and interesting? Any examples from a movie or documentary or show?
I think sound design is a big part of it. Foley and quick framing of phrases seems to be key. One thing I'd say to avoid is using DOF to highlight relevant text. It's nowhere near as fast and clear to the audience as simply centering on the relevant text.

Lastly, if you're looking for style options, you can 3d motion track a plane with alpha channel into your scene and have the text floating in the air, to better frame the subject's face for reactions shots, or simply provide a unique visual identity for your show. That can be done with simple software like AE, and doesn't require complex 3d programs.