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watch Short Film INFECTION

Hello guys (:
This is my first short film and its called INFECTION it tells the story a zombie outbreak
“In a post apocalyptic world contaminated by a unknown virus which turned most part of humanity into living cannibal corpses two survivors infiltrate to a concentration camp full of infected people , in order to find a cure or die in the process… or worse.
**This short film was produced and directed and performed by Jorge Carvajal**
I really hope you enjoy it and i would really appreciate it if you leave me your comment and tell me what you think about it

I liked it! You took a short slice of an action/event and really explored it. I like that you are willing to add little details, like the guy getting slo-mo punched in the mouth, or fast pushed into the wall. I like how you use music to add to the mood. I don't know if you have a composer yet, but your visual style lends itself to dramatic scoring.

The opening shot with the 2 girls (looking at the camera) was really cool, too.
Just watched it, thought it was cool. I liked the beginning news stuff and the punch in the face. I think it would have much more impact if we got the sense the 2 characters had a long history which would result in us feeling some sympathy for their impending doom. But yea its cool and production wise pretty solid, just need to work on the story more, needs some emotional pay off at the end, good or bad.
Good Job, i thought the news clips at the beginning where a really good way to speed along the plot quickly without taking too much out of the film. sorta gets the viewer right into the action and skips the borring stuff.