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watch SHAKE THE LAKE - The Worlds First Wakeboard Movie

Hey guys,
We made the announcement at the 2012 Collegiate Wake Nationals in Vegas that the world will soon have a Hollywood Wakeboard MOVIE! Elevated, Axis Boats and Empire Wake hooked it up.

Our first order of business is to spread the word to the entire sport. The riders, vendors, community, industry. So there you have it. Get excited. For more info check out the facebook page http://www.facebook.com/shakethelakemovie our kickstarter page http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1439379955/shake-the-lake-movie

Spread the word to all the other riders you know. It’s time! Shake The Lake.


So there's a link to sell me a movie, a link to sell me some clothes, and another about your company. So, this is in the wrong forum.
The screenplay won a Silver Ace award from the Las Vegas Film Festival this month for excellence in screenwriting and a unique concept for a film.

It has also been accepted to the All Sports Los Angeles International Film Festival and is currently being shopped to investors and production companies.
Murdoc is pointing out that this particular forum is for posting links to narrative films and trailers for critique not self promotional links. We all need to promote so thats cool, but this is the wrong forum is all. Edit your post to include a LINK to the trailer and all will be forgiven.