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I just found this new show called Severance, and watched it. Really interesting premise and execution. This draws from an eclectic set of influences, to good effect. Part "The Unpleasant Profession of Johnathan Hoag" part "Control" (by remedy entertainment) Bioshock, and maybe some of Terry Gilliam's "Brazil", I think it's one of the most original sci fi shows I've seen this year.

It's creepy and strange, so maybe not a perfect fit for mainstream sci fi fans, but personally, I liked it. It was also good to see Christopher Walken again.

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I was totally repulsed by the premise lol. had ZERO desire to watch this and kept thinking WHO THE HELL WOULD VOLUNTEER FOR SOMETHING SO STUPID?

You know what happens if you can't remember your home life?? It means you never leave work.
If feels like youre just at work, 24/7 in a long neverending EVERYDAY FEELS THE SAME hell that makes you want to kill yourself.
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Well, it is a surrealistic horror show. It's pretty much exactly as you described. Lol. They address all the points within the series. I suppose it's a matter of taste. This particular fiction is definitely intended to be grim and dystopian.