crew Scene Numbering / Cross-Cutting Question ?

Hey! When it comes to cross-cutting I'm curious how you would number the scenes for your 2nd AC's slate. Like, let's say the beginning of your movie cross-cuts from a funeral to a birthday party to a wedding, then back to the funeral, back to the wedding, back to the birthday, back to the funeral, and so on. Would you consider whatever scene is introduced first as (Funeral Scene 1, Birthday Party Scene 2 & Wedding Scene 3) even though you're jumping from one scene to the next OR since the funeral, birthday party, and wedding all have the same goal/are part of the same sequence would you just consider it "Scene 1" to not risk overcomplicating it? Thanks!
You will mark the slate with the Scene Number that is on the shooting script.

Say the Funeral scene is Scene 12, 15, 18 in the shooting script: Mark your
slate 12, then 12A, then 12B until all shots are complete.
Then mark the slate15 and shoot all that coverage.
Then mark the slate 18 and shoot all that coverage.

The Birthday scene is 13, 16, 19 in the shooting script: Mark your slate 13,
then 16, then 19.

The Wedding scene is 14, 17, 20 in the shooting script. Do exactly the same

In editing you can then arrange scenes 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20
and cross-cut easily.
I'd number each location as a separate scene. The cutting between scenes happens during editing. I suppose you could add some direction at the end of the scene preceding the 3 you plan on inter-cutting.

"The next 3 scenes are to be inter-cut."