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Save Point - A Dark and Stormy Night

Work is once again underway after a 5 week pause, and this time we made a practice scene focusing on atmosphere and sound. This "cell" is part of a chapter where the crew discovers a planet very similar to earth, but over 1000 times the size. While exploring a location on the planet's surface, it is revealed that the protagonist has been followed there by an enemy. The following scenes after this one will show a tense naval battle unfolding inside a collapsing mansion on fire. In reference to the thread "has every idea been done" I'm not sure that this has been done before.
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Yes, a heavily modded version of the UE5 beta. We ramp the temporal AA up to 64 on these, that's why they look so clean. It requires 64 frames to be rendered per output frame, with the computer analyzing and combining the sub frames to create cinema quality motion blur. So this one was about 3000x64 source frames total.


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The scale didn't really translate.. it feels like the ship is a tiny toy instead of the house being gigantic.
even moreso at the end with the tinier ship
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Your right. We'll address that issue in the final. I know exactly what you're talking about. Basically the programs model real life physical optics perfectly, and the issue here is that the real scene being filmed is as you describe, a regular sized house with tiny ships. So what happens is that on very small items, you start getting this lens effect like you would IRL, kid of a toy, tilt shift look, and probably what I'll have to do is a combination of high f-stops, long focal lengths, and raising the lighting levels across the scene, which will take a good bit of time. I'll likely scale up the entire scene, just 3-5 x, since 1000x scale would create other serious problems, such as the system not being built to control the camera easily across such distances.