Safe ways to buy 35mm adapter

Hi, I am thinking of purchasing a RNG35 for my Canon Xh-A1, after reading of great results and watching examples online.

Two questions that hopefully haven't already been beaten to death on these boards..I've tried my best to find the results.

1. How has the experience been of those that have XH-A1's and a RNG35?

2. How the heck do you go about buying one and is it safe? Their website is down, and the only contact I have is a gmail address.

I know Brevis and Letus all have sites and are established, but I've seen and heard great things about RNG's adapters, and they are more in my price range, but it doesn't seem as safe and reliable as purchasing from something like B&H.

Handy35's seem good too, but they aren't compatible with XH-A1's, at least that's what I read for now. At least they have a site.

- Ken