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screenplay Ridiculous movie idea - FYI / TMI

I thought about starting a thread called

FYI - TMI (for your information...that's too much information)

A comedy film about situations where people say too much information and the awkwardness that goes along with it.

Scene 1: Dude goes to check out at the gas station and the clerk says how you doing? Then the dude begins talking about things that are quite personal, or just overly talking instead of just saying “fine” and the clerk has an awkward look on his face after hearing the customer talk lol

Perhaps a series of random situations where people just don’t know when to keep it simple, or just highlight situations when people just won’t stop talking lol

Perhaps a day in the life of a character where ever he goes he sees people constantly in awkward situations not keeping it simple and to the point.

Sounds more like a skit instead of a movie but I think the premise could work somehow. If everyone posts in the thread and contributes, if the script is sold it can be split evenly.

I also remember how awkward it was when someone constantly spoke in third person, they would say their name and then explain what happened. example: Jay says “I said Jay, this is what you are going to do, and I did it”

Can add in the fast speech you hear on the radio all the time, that nobody pays attention to.

A character speaks in such a boring tone it puts the main character to sleep - boring at lightning speed.

I think there is a market for such high level of mundaneness and stupidity that I had to throw it out there as an idea, even if it’s sucks lol

This isn’t my idea of great writing, I just think there is a market for it somehow lol
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I see this more as the quirk of a character in a serious film. Not an anthology (skits) or a comedic film. But the comedic yet fatal flaw of the antagonist or anti-hero which eventually contributes to their downfall. Could even be a twist and the TMI was misleading by design.