Re-introducing myself after a decade on Indietalk

Nate North

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Hello everyone,

My name is Nate North, and I've been around the independent film and production scene for about 14 years now. I used to hang out on Indietalk quite a bit, but after a long time away, I thought I'd reintroduce myself, since it's a whole new group of people on the forum these days.

I'm a multidisciplinary artist that works in almost every aspect of creative production, from directing and cinematography to Unreal engine and even frame by frame animation. I write everything from scripts to orchestra music to physics code. At this point, I have more skills than time to use them.

I've come back to the forum on a mission, which is to find some new friends to work with on a sizable project I've been developing for a while now. It's something unusual and ambitious, but I'll talk about it later.

For this post, I just wanted to introduce myself and say hello to everyone.


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:welcome: back I remember you :)