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plot Randomized


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A down and out depressed loser is sick of his life. He comes across an advertisement for an experimental therapy that will erase his personality and turn him into a brand new random person mentally.
But after being randomized he turns into a cold blooded psychopath bent on revenge toward everyone that has ever slighted him


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And not random lol.
IDK if anyone else got this but it it was pretty funny. you're right its not random.

You know what it's also spot on. This is exactly what I need!!!
get rid of my shitty old personality and be somebody else

I had an epiphany this week. I actually do have a second personality in storage from 2011! lucky me.
I've always considered my cross dressing to be drag, a performance art, acting, playing a character, etc

But wow the way people responded to me when I was dressed as a woman, it was like being a celebrity.
I walked downstairs from my hotel in vegas to the lobby and a line of people formed to talk to me.

I was there for 45 minutes taking photos with random strangers and turning down invites to places bc i was busy that weekend. not just a vegas thing either. But as a man I've found the world to be a cold and lonely place, maybe abandoning my guy-dentity will me happier.

I'll give it a try for bit. This is sad though that I'm only doing it so people will like me more lol.
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