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What do you think is preferable?

Option 1) Shooting afternoon from 2-5 with direct sunlight coming from the right side of your actors.
Option 2) Shooting evening with direct sunlight for the wide shots and then shade/sun behind trees for the close ups.

Close ups in direct sunlight have the potential to look really awful, and I have too many extras and not enough help to erect some sort of diffusion sheet.
And changing sunlight has the potential to stand out.

What do think I should choose?


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Weeeeeellllll...I also have a rather sick sense of humor. I also laughed at the end of The Blair Witch Project because I understood what was about to happen.
hah well you probably will find it funny then.
One of the reasons I didnt have the kid say any curse words is people always laugh when kids curse.

She had all her family killed and I was trying to go for a more dramatic vibe with the close ups on her face.
Crushed it!!! Big action finale with dialogue and 6 characters, firepit, broken windows and shattered glass, gunshots and bloody wounds.

Did everything behind the camera by myself! Feels great.
Got a few really killer shots in there and the weather was perfect.
you are such a lucky guy! i dreamed of directing (instead the accounting-related producing) some day, wish you all the best!


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Realism: A guy would never drop his Solo red cup of beer!


just kidding, cool!