legal Ownership after Crowdfunding

I am working on a 60 minutes documentary for 3 years now. I funded everything myself up until now. 99% of the shooting is done.
Sadly I need to look for funds to finish editing, music etc.

Crowdfunding is an option at this point, but I am unsure about how that will affect my ownership of the film.

I'd appreciate any advice
Crowdfunding does not typically involve giving up any ownership, unless you specifically volunteer it. Typically one rewards supporters with escalating tiers of items or opportunities related to the product. In example, low donors that gave you 10 bucks could receive a free copy of the movie at launch, and top tier donors could get a signed deluxe edition and lunch with the director. Stuff like that.

Network, pitch, incentivize, deliver.
Sites like wefunder are set up to provide equity but kickstarter and indiegogo and set up to provide perks. Stay away from equity crowdfunding sites and make sure your language (in text and video) does not assume any equity/ownership.