Ordered new edit rig...

hi all,
I just put in my order for my custom built editing rig. Pick up on Tuesday next week. bragging I guess..:D

Intel i7-990x CPU (6 cores, 12 with HT, 3.5GHz)
Asus Sabertooth X58 Mother Board
1TB Boot and system hard drive
2 x 1TB hard drives configured in RAID0 for 1tb blazing fast project disk.
Empty Vantec EZ Swap 4. Tray less hard drive rack (for backup\archiving projects off line onto SATA HD's)
Nvidia GeForce GTX570 HD (1.2G ram)
Internal Card Reader
Win7 Pro 64bit
niiiiiicccceeeee! I usually go AMD over Intel, but you can't argue with the speed!

Also looking at your RAM spec, remembering systems past and feeling very, very old....
That is going to SCREAM! I have a similar set-up. I finally settled on 16GB of RAM allocated to Pr and Ae and 8GB for everything else after research and Adobe input.
you'll hate me when I tell you .. I got an employee discount on the CPU.. $475. The rest is $1600.

I'll be installing my as of yet uninstalled, copy of Adobe CS5.5 Production Premium.

I've worked in the computer industry for over 16 years, this is the FIRST time I bought a NEW computer for personal use!

How can I afford it? Normally I cant (6 kids, mortgage etc) , but I sold one commercial on poptent.net. Out of the $10K I get a new PC, a collapsible green screen, and a short film with a $800 budget. The rest goes to bills.
wow thats sick. yeah i guess you guys get this amazing stuff cuz im justgoing into college this year.. tryig to get some of my stuff out there and do something with it.. but thats sick, hopefully my asus doesnt fll apart in a months time span haha