software Opening a file to where you left off


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I use Final Draft for "my" screenplays but whatever the client wants when I work on someone else's project.

A pet peeve of mine is that while FD, by default, opens to the last page I was working on, the others open to page 1.

Am I missing something that another screenwriter on here can help me with?
In particular, I'm currently working with Celtx, but I've run into this with FadeIn and WritersDuet as well.

I know it's not a huge issue but it annoys me every morning :)


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Sounds like a cool software feature.
Nothing will do that unintentionally, one of the developers at FD had the idea then implemented that as a feature.

Sounds like the developers of writerduet don't have this yet. You could request it as a feature in the next version of the software.
It's something that could be done by a competent developer in one morning of work. Pretty quick.
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