suggestion New posts vs activity

At some point there was a change where the default for the list of new content changed to prioritize new posts over new activity. I can see where this would make sense, keeping fresh content up front. In practice however, Indienews, the piped in version of the indiewire news feed creates more posts than all members combined. While these articles are sometimes informative, they typically don't generate much conversation, which is the lifeblood of the forum. The new sort process defauts to the post screen, which is often 90% indienews, and when you select activity, the list is short, and when you click on show more, it automatically switches back to new posts rather than new activity, which again buries actual conversations under an avalanche of news wire press releases.

Anyway, it's just my opinion, but I'd suggest reverting back to where user activity was prioritized over posting activity, specifically because of how the news service becomes dominant in the listings with this change to prioritizing posts over responses. I'm sure the other way has issues of it's own that I'm not as aware of, but anyway, there's my 2c worth.


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New Posts >> Filters >> uncheck Unread threads >> Save as default