New here.

Hello, i'd like to drop a short introduction before I start posting throughout the site a bit.

First off, my name is Curtis. I'm a 17 year old High School Senior in Southern, Indiana.

After High School, I plan on simply going wherever my life seems to take me. College isnt an option, I honestly dont even want to go, too much money and my grades have never been that good either; because while in class im normally reading about other subjects that inretest me, that arent taught at school. (Dont get me wrong, I LOOOVVVEE to learn, but generally I could care less about what is taught inside the class room, so I bring along my own literature to read as the teacher talks, I still do well on tests and stuff, I just dont really bother with bringing anything home to do.)

As of right now, i'm working on a script for a short film, possibly 30-45 minutes long.

If anyone wants to discuss film-making or anything that is film-making related, i'd love to talk. Just PM me and i'll give you my GoogleTalk, or MSN name. I also have aim and ICQ, but I NEVER use them, they're just there because I need to use them to get ahold of certain people sometimes.

Below are a few pictures of myself, I suppose thats kind of relevant to this post:


(I've since gotten a shorter haircut..)

Anyways, i'm glad to be a member of the site, I plan on showing off my first promotional trailler as soon as tonight, but more reasonably tomorrow.
...welcome to the board and don't just expect PM's. If you are on the board, there is someone to bounce ideas off of. You will like it here... and you kinda look like one of the Ramones :D

--spinner :cool:
I've posted the trailler I was talking about in the Screening room or whatever.

Keep in mind, the movie is still in the writing stage, and I just wanted to get back into editing as it has been about a month or two since i've edited anything at all.

Yea, i've looked around and read around, I enjoy this place.
Spatula said:
Sweet glasses. Too bad you say you cut the 'fro... always room for a good 'fro.
Welcome and hello.

I like the new cut though, the long hair was gettin a tad to old for my taste. I've had the long hair look for quite a few years.
Blank Canvas said:
I like the new cut though, the long hair was gettin a tad to old for my taste. I've had the long hair look for quite a few years.

I feel you. Just a few months ago I got a haircut and had the year of shag removed... it was a nice change, but I'm happy to report it's well on it's way back to it's full capacity, and within a few months I'll be able to use my headshots again. :D