Need advice about funding contact for script.

Hello, I was contacted by Beverly Boy Productions, a Mr. Eliot Sims, is interested in a TV Pilot I wrote. I am trying to figure out if this is legit or this is a scam. He asked about my credit score. I have no agent. His correspondence is as follows:

Hello Eve

Did you get funding for your script, Black Veil - Pilot?

We now have funding available for all types of scripts and treatments and our network contacts are eager and looking for good content.

Please contact me should you have any questions.

Thank you!

Eliot Sims 714.583.7627
Senior Producer
Beverly Boy Productions
US: 800-385-1243 ext. 407
Thank you for contacting me. I don't have funding for the script. What services do you offer? I'm not new to writing, but I am new to this industry, so I am not sure what questions to ask you.
I've contacted producers on my own and have gotten pretty good feedback for the script, but nothing has clicked yet. I'm shopping it to agents and producers at the moment.
Excellent Eve!

We have access to a great funding group for projects like this and as a production company we'd like to be on the ride with you on the project.

Aside from good material and zeitgeist the funding group does require hard working writers with a least a 650 FICO.

Please send updated synopsis or treatment so we can take a look at it.

Thank you,

You are my hero! I had a bad feeling about this. Glad I asked. And thank you for the link. :)
Did you actually read the entire page at that link? There are two fairly thorough responses - one from a client, one from the company - that shed a little light on the original complaint (which, after reading, is a bit bizarre).

I’m not defending Beverly Boy. I don’t know them. Haven’t worked with them. But a single, strange complaint doesn’t exactly make for a reliable assessment. If there were buttloads of complaints out there, sure. But I wouldn’t discount them from this one post.

And if I were investing in a production, I wouldn’t want to take on liability with someone who has a terrible credit rating.

Just my 2 cents’ worth.


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Yup I did post it for reading as I stumbled upon it. I also have no opinion. I would gather if they are interested in your credit score they are interested in a type of loan situation.
^ This is what it turned out to be after talking with them.

I asked them twice via email what they were offering me. All I got was "call and we'll discuss it".
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And if I were investing in a production, I wouldn’t want to take on liability with someone who has a terrible credit rating.
In my experience this is very unusual.

Typically investors invest in a project they think will make them
money. The credit rating of the writer has never (again, just my
experience) come into play. I can't quite see what a writers credit
rating would have to do with producing a TV pilot.

If they have funding and they love the script they would pay the
writer. Not expect the writer to fund or partially fund the production.
A “hard working writer” would be paid so their credit score is not

In this case they are production company looking for co-investors.
Even if it's true they “now have funding available for all types of
scripts” they still want a writer/producer with most of the funding in
place or someone who can partner with them – I suspect on a 70
(writer) 30 (prodCo) split.

I have a special place reserved for people who pull this foolish pitch
on unproduced writers.