My New Script Sold A Skeptic Actor

Last week an actor contacted me about my casting notice for silver demon hunters. He seemed to be uninterested when he heard it's a no pay gig. He sent me 3 emails today that he wants in because he really likes the script. So, I set him up for an audition. He said he has been in two TV series and mentioned them. He sees a lot of potential for the movie from the script and pledged to give it his all to make the production a success. He has been studying martial arts for years and believes his training can be a asset to the production.

I just thought I'd share a happy story.
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That's great, MDM! How did you get him the script? I've had zero luck going through actors' agents. They want to hear about the money first, otherwise they won't even pass it on to their clients.

I posted in aka casting networks. There is always an email address for the talent with them. So, I emailed him the script when he started to sound doubtful.