diy Making a Film Title with Pumpkin Carving

I want to make a micro short film about a freshly carved demonic pumpkin that possesses and gets revenge on the unsuspecting carver.

Question is, I want to make a DIY cool film title for the opening. I was thinking of carving the title into another pumpkin and lighting it via candle??? Maybe in a completely dark room with the only light source coming from inside the pumpkin so you see the title clearly???

Any ideas on how I can get something like this without CGI?

Thinking of calling it "Carved" or something similar.
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You could use the pumpkin guts and spell out the title on a flat surface next to a knife. A little blood spatter hits timed with a jarring musical cue and then fade to black. A little foreshadowing in the title sequence.

Just brainstorming here!
Cover the pumpkin carving with something that burns quickly like a magicians flash paper. And then use that to reveal the pumpkin carving.
Or slower something that melts and use a blow dryer off screen for massive heat
You could start with black and slowly light up the jack-o-lantern, first from the inside and then the outside, then perhaps use sfosters flash paper idea to jump into the rest of the film.