Macro For Video..?

Hey guys, so I have this problem. I fell in love with close up and sharp shots. And after watching this episode of Dexter, they had a whole scene of him getting ready but really close up. I'm pretty sure that was a macro lens. But what I want to know before I buy one is, what are your views on macro lens for cinematography.

The one I was looking at is :

Thanks for reading. :)

Uranium City

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I use a macro adapter all the time, mostly for inserts as gonzo said. Even cheap ones usually get the job done well enough. Don’t forget proper still applies.
I want to try to find a Link to this scene in Dexter. I say it last night and it caught my eye. I feel it would be a nice addiction to my collection on lenses.
Just remember, the HD format is not very flattering that close up. If you're going for ECU, concentrate on proper make up and lighting.
The scene was like him getting ready. He was shaving, putting his clothes on. Tying his shoes, etc. It was the second episode of the first season. It was right in the beginning.