Let me see your work!

I made a documentary on first day of the American Revolution - previews attached

Here's a link where you can watch the first 12 minutes of my film as well as several other trailers.


It's a documentary on the first day of the American Revolution. I filmed it at all of the actual historic locations w a compelling narrative. This is my first effort.

Feedback and advice on how to sell it will be appreciated!


I'm looking forward to seeing some examples of all your work - both for inspiration and for enjoyment.

You can check out my work (Andre Pienaar) at my website.
That is some very high quality and impressive work. As a screenwriter, I aspire to have someone of your caliber behind the lens. Time with tell!

Thanks for sharing your reels with us!

El Director

I've made three features and numerous shorts. Here's some of my favorite shorts.

The Cube (2016) - a short film where I did everything (act, sound, light, camera, edit, vfx, mix and color) by myself.

Derek - (2015) A short film shot on a T2i as a workflow test when I left Adobe in the dust.

Becoming Bourne (2014) - Another short (also T2i) that was to serve as a teaser to an unproduced series about developing the skills of Jason Bourne