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Las Vegas IndieMeet 2011 (May 27-29)

Damn, I'm going to Vegas on the 15th of June... :( Wish there was a Indietalk meet then.

Any meets in San Francisco around the 20th - 30th of June??
This year's IndieMeet is going to be EPIC!

directorik and Cracker Funk sharing the same screen, what whaaaat?!

I wish I wasn't broke, and could afford the plane ticket. When I'm back on the West Coast, I shall definitely attend.

P.S. I'm using this:

I'm not able to make it this year. :mope:

These really are awesome events that Mike & Sheila put on. All those going will have a great time. Lots of great indie filmmakers to talk about films with, and of course... there are lots and LOTS of films that get screened.
I'm afraid that Las Vegas is too far into the realms of 'miles away' for me...

It's a shame because I'm going to be in California for the end of July but, as they say, that not exactly a cigar, is it?
:( Not only am I unable to attend the event, but it looks like my film won't be ready, either. My music composer is taking forever with the score. Life sucks.
Thanks, Mike!

At last, some good news: The score is finished and the composer is ready to record. We're in the process of booking a studio right now. Once the musicians are recorded, he'll master the tracks and we'll be ready for the final soundtrack mix. After 3.5 years of work this thing will finally be finished! :woohoo:
This year's IndieMeet is going to be EPIC!


Cracker, since you posted that image, I guess you won't mind if I post the latest info?

We are less than 2 weeks away, so here is the latest.


Thankyou, Craiglist! It looks like we have all the free firewood we can use. I picked up 3 truckloads from 3 locations. Also bought 2 used, nicely priced 8 foot tables, for food and display material. Get this, some lady had 4 picnic benches (4' long each) and a couple of umbrellas. This adds a little extra to just having folding chairs in the yard. Since April, every trash day, I give the trashmen 3 bags of ash (not the dog), from the firepit. I've been digging it deeper, so the flames stay in there.

For those of you who haven't seen it, it's a big pit, but even deeper now:


Sheila has picked up a bunch of icicle Christmas lights for fence ambience, as well as 6 - 8 Tiki style flame holders, plus lamps for the picnic tables. She rolled over 300 meatballs and put them in the freezer. They are um um good! Other hors d' oeuvres will appear, shortly. Thanks to some early donations (Thankyou!!) and even some good paychecks, we got an earlier start than usual.

Tonight (as in after midnight), I'm taking apart my camera setup in the garage to make room for 3 beds, like last year. Right now, it is setup for the monster that is my tutorial shooting, which looks like this. Yes, that is string holding up the tripod and wiring:





I've got a hold of some cool flicks (some still coming in). Chip Street is a screener for the Santa Cruz film fest. I asked him for some recommendations. Michael Rossetti's SCION and Sean Jackson's BUBBLEGUM & BROKEN FINGERS were his favorites. Got them both, along with Sean Jackson who will be there to present it! Still waiting on the Shumway brothers' sci-fi flick, ENIGMA, which should be here, anytime. I found a zombie short that is pretty cool, by Canadian filmmaker, Randy Smith, who is stoked that we are screening it. From IndieTalk's Crackerfunk, we will be the first event to screen ANTI-HERO. I've seen scenes from this and it looks well made and running deep with emotion from a largely kid cast. Not a "kids" movie, though. This will screen on Saturday night and is the only full length feature, though BUBBLEGUM (37 minutes) and ENIGMA (45 minutes) add up to their own double-bill and will screen on Friday night.

The local crowd will be teeming with shorts of their own, including BLOOD ORANGES from Tim Stover and Jason Kelly. It looks like some top awarded filmmakers, RUSE FILMS and the Thompson brothers (THOR AT THE BUS STOP) will be there with goodies. From what I understand we will see parts of WEIRD MOVIE, as well.


Make a short movie:
Bring your cameras. On Saturday afternoon, we will break up into groups and make a 1 - 3 minute movie. There are two catches: No editing, so shoot chronologically. Second - another group (hopefully they are real nice to you) will write your script! Approx. 30 minutes to write and 60 minutes to shoot. There is a park, nearby, if you need a setting different from the house.

There will be some lighting demos by Chet Simmons

Jimmy the pyro guy has something up his sleeve that I don't even know about!

Garo Setian (from Lionsgate) will be back.

A surprise or two from yours, truly.

Expecting several others to sign up, last minute.

What's funny is, hardly anyone signs up to give a presentation, but once people get talking, they always run past the 8:30pm mark! Last year, the poor alien comedian was waiting for everyone to come out.
Though not as many people as last year, this was a good time. I'm honored that Cracker funk chose IndieMeet to premiere ANTI-HERO. Tonight, I was talking to Terry Stover, who left during the movie. I told Cracker that some people left during his movie, but I was wrong about the reason. Terry liked it very much, but the wind on Saturday was killing his allergies and he had to go. Anyway, it was very well acted and strong on character.

We also watched the blaxploitation movie, SWEET NINJA BROWN. It started off really stupid, but it was so damn funny, the crowd was cracking up. It was definitely a favorite.


We also played Jeff Palmer's MIXED MESSAGES and the crowd was really laughing, especially the "Metal Banjo" tune at the end. The other Indietalk movie we played was Paul Griffith's nicely made spy thriller, NOBLE.

Other movies included:

WEIRD MOVIE (scene and trailer)

2011 pics.

The night prior:


The day of:



Sheila's buffet (Friday dinner):

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Friday night movies:


Almost June and we still need Jackets in Nevada! Weird movie, Rick Shipley and friends:



Plenty of new faces, this year. John, Gene and Karl hang out, while Chet and Martha look on.


Getting ready for presentations:


Chet Simmons was a powerhouse presenter, this year, with no less than three demos. Here he is with PVC tracks and the Canon 7D:


Part of Chet's extensive lighting demo!



Chet also demo'd Go HD miniature cameras.

"Cranky Mike" talks about scoring and sampling:

John's Story and 3D visualization demo:



Garo Setian shares how he cuts trailers for Lionsgate:




The amazing Sheila keeps everyone fed!

Debbie, Richard (IndieMeet co-founder) and Mike:


A very serious radio interview, with Patty Fantasia:


Listen to the Interview, HERE

Filmmaker's Notebook coverage of Friday night/Saturday afternoon Article.

Terry Stover is one of the IndieMeet regulars!


John, Thanos and a nice big fire:


These two have been around the business for a while - Garo and Dan:

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Man, I do hope to be at next year's version. It looks like a blast.

Mark it down! ;) I'm thinking of moving this to the middle of June. So picture next weekend, but next year. That way, school is out and most of the winter wind should be gone. Friday night was perfect, but we had to go indoors on Saturday.
Mmm, look at all that delicious-looking food!

Mike, I do hope "Antihero" was generally enjoyed by all. Thanks for screening it. I won't lie -- I was, at first, a little disheartened to hear that a couple people left. No filmmaker wants to hear that kind of news. I thought about it, however, and remembered that this movie has always been targeted at a niche audience. Of course my hope is that anyone can enjoy it, no matter their age or social demographic, but it's really meant to be enjoyed by college-aged kids, first-and-foremost. If anyone else likes it, then that's icing on the proverbial cake!

Long story short, I don't expect everyone to like it, and I'm okay with that. I'm glad your friend says it was actually just allergies, but if anyone else left because they just plain didn't like it, cest la vie!

"Sweet Ninja Brown" looks like a fun movie; I'll have to check that out.

Thanks for screening it. I won't lie -- I was, at first, a little disheartened to hear that a couple people left.

Just wanted to give you an honest account. One conservative couple left, citing the rough language, but you warned me about the adult subject matter, which I relayed - "This is not a kids' film." When I saw your original ANTI-HERO home wrecking clip, I thought the actors were teenagers (probably because of the bicycles). This is about college aged people and your writing seemed on the money, in regards to a couple of horny college dudes.

If someone screens my movie and someone in the audience protests, or better yet....barfs, I want to know about that. :lol: I told Eli Roth this very news, after someone barfed and passed out during CABIN FEVER. However, he was delighted!

If anyone else likes it, then that's icing on the proverbial cake!

It definitely had its fans. The characters were just too strong. I literally could not wait to see ANTI-HERO, so I thank you for the opportunity. I wouldn't mind watching it, again. Nice touch with the Na'vi language scene, btw.

"Eywa ngahu"