misc Is there a way to edit a video where there is another video playing in my shirt while I am walking?

Hi guys. I am a total noob to making and editing videos. I am going to a conference in New Orleans sometime this year and unfortunately my family can't come with me. I was envisioning making a video where I can be walking around New Orleans and having my family walking with me in my shirt as they can't physically be with me. Is there a way to put a video of them walking in my shirt while I am walking? Maybe via a green screen in my shirt? I have Final Cut Pro but I am only learning how to use it. Thanks for any input.
It’s possible, sure. Apple Motion (their answer to After Effects) is needed for that level of compositing. The shirt would need a patch of green with tracking markers. The tracking markers will need to be removed in the editing process.

This is not something I’d recommend for a total novice. It’s not a plug-and-play process and requires a LOT of effort to get it right. If you are that determined, get the shirt printed now and do some extensive testing and practice renderings before you head off to New Orleans. Learn the ins and outs of this type of composite so you aren’t surprised or disappointed when you try it for real.

I’d really recommend you find an alternative solution. This is a tall order for entry-level.

One thought would be to take a series of photos of your family with different reactions (laughing, pointing, amazed, puzzled, looking left, looking right, etc.). Print each one on an identical shirt stock. Shoot your own reaction shots to different things you see, wearing the shirt that matches or appropriately compliments your reaction.
@AcousticAl awesome info! Yeah, I bought a shirt with a green square in the middle and tried it out and it totally failed 😆. I agree I should start with something a bit more simple. But I will look in to those techniques and hopefully know how to do it some time in the future. Thanks @indietalk for letting me join this forum.