Is it possible to merge many clips back into a single clip in Filmora 9?

Greetings all, tl;dr: Is it possible to merge many clips back into a single clip in Filmora 9?

I just stared using Filmora 9 and found it so easy to use I purchased it rather hastily as I later realized it's a bit buggy. I updated my graphics drivers and that helped a lot (now it only crashes if I use full screen preview mode).

I've tried a lot of other editing software but find I am often inadvertently doing stuff and not realizing I did something and causing all sorts of headaches. One thing I like about Filmora is it doesn't seem to have any single-keypress shortcuts, so when I miss the spacebar and hit v or n, nothing undesired happens! Anyway, it's the first time I've used video editing software without my head hurting, although the crashes were somewhat annoying when they were happening frequently. (Filmora does a very good job of backing up your work frequently, though).

Anyway, there are some shortcomings of the program, but I will focus on the most glaring one. It doesn't allow you to edit more than one clip at a time. Since I'm slicing and dicing a lot, I end up with lots and lots of clips (I hope I'm using the right term, I mean pieces of "film" that I've spliced into many pieces or "clips"). So if you select a bunch of clips and then try to edit all of them at once it won't let you (say if you want to adjust the speed or alter the color or add a fade etc across all the selected clips). Even if the selected clips are in sequence, it won't allow you to edit them. Well, to my simple mind the simple solution seemed to me to take said clips and merge them into a single clip again. Ahh, but googling and YouTubing around I have not found any way to do this! Is it possible to merge many clips back into a single clip in Filmora 9? (sorta like doing a mini-export inside the editor of only the clips you select). Then it would be easy to do new edits on the newly merged clip.

Thanks so much for any insights of any kind on this matter!
Idk filmora and this isn’t the most elegant solution but ...

create a Timeline and then export the clips To a mov. Now they’re all merged.

maybe someone with filmora experience will have a streamlined solution

alternatively you can try applying whatever change across many clips instead of merging
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