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Is Final Draft so good like everyone tells?

I use Celtx for writing screenplays. (I like it because it’s for free.) And I wrote some screenplays with this program already. But so many writers say that Final Draft is the best one you can find! So, should I invest in this software? I mean, it’s the industry standard! However, $250 are very expensive. (Maybe I save the money for it.) Is that really worth? What’s your opinion? Let’s discuss.
Future until now your postpone had a little fun, you ask, we answer, you learn, you do research and life goes on. But don't make that postpone "dangerous" and start spending money. There is no reason at all for a starter, let alone you who haven't even started, to spend money for final draft! Keep using celtx.
A lot of pro's use a DSMC2 RED camera.... will buying a DSMC2 RED camera make you a pro? And the answer is.... Yes....go buy this software... you know, buy it twice.... I'm sure this will help with your writing block.
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Final Draft offers a free trial - maybe give it a go! Having used both, there's really no reason why you can't write in CeltX! But, I am a big fan of Final Draft myself. It's just an all around solid tool - but, of course, doesn't make anyone a better writer. I do think there should be something said for ease of use and knowing that something is going to work when you need it to - you are able to free up your mind to focus on the creative. I honed in my skills on free software and didn't make the plunge into buying my own license of Final Draft until I was working regularly with industry writers. It's true what they say - it's industry standard. If people are seeing your scripts in PDF form only then they will be none the wiser! Assuming your formatting is up to par. However, if you will be sending your working files (program files) to other writers then it's definitely worth picking up Final Draft. A good rule-of-thumb to ask yourself is "Am I making money with this?" and if it's paying for itself then go for it! If not, maybe keep at it with free software and invest in something else that might help creatively? All that to say, I love Final Draft and you probably would too if you do end up going that route. Keep up the writing! All the best in your creative process!
Just an update on Celtx. Their "free" version keeps getting "trimmed" of features. Now the ability to BOLD, Italics or underline has been removed from their "free" version and made premium.

I hate Celtx but use it as I'm working on it with a co-writer who uses it. I would recommend Fade In or Final Draft.

Final Draft has the weight of time behind it and a slew of features but it is a bit clunky now because of it.


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At this stage there is no need to wory about the paintbrush brand, you need to paint.
At this stage there is no need to worry about the paintbrush brand, you need to paint.

This, fundamentally.

That said, there are small differences to CeltX and Final Draft that A) make Final Draft a more complete product, and B) allow script readers to discern which software was used. For no particularly good reason – although it is a good and intuitive product – Final Draft is the industry standard. CeltX is known as a free alternative for beginners and indie folk. It depends on who your script is going to end up in front of, but if you are sending it out to producers or funding bodies, I would probably err on the side of formatting with Final Draft.

That said, the guv'nor is right – don't let indecision about software stop you from writing!