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camera iPhone 12 threat to DSLR’S and mirrorless cameras!

is the quality and flexibility of the camera on the new iPhone 12 a threat to the DSLR and mirrorless camera for shooting productions?


Staff Member
Yeah i think people could completely skip owning a dslr at this point.

They could learn and cut their teeth on the iphone 12 and then when theyre ready to get a camera they can really invest in something better than a DSLR
iPhone 12 vs DSLR ? Two very different beasts, so no, I wouldn't think the iPhone 12 is any more of a threat than the 11 or 10, or any other brand of smartphone. They're all still handicapped by their price (way too expensive to be giving to "talented amateur, shows promise" strangers), their relative fragility, and their touch-screen controls. While they may displace the DSLR in that sector of the market that's mostly interested in making disposable video content, smartphone optics are only now beginning to catch up with the lens quality of the 1980s SLR range - so anyone including a wide range of "interesting" camera angles or lens-based techniques in their production will still need old-fashioned tech like focusing rings, remote release cables, etc.