Hi everyone!

I'm Jack Kierski and I'm an indie filmmaker based in Miami FL. Also, a recent film school graduate, I graduated in late 2019. I've been in the indie film industry for about five or six years now.

I love the art of filmmaking. I love bringing my scripts to life. I feel like it's in my DNA. Definitely my true passion in the arts. Recently I shot my latest short film and it's now in post production. I'm also working towards on making my first feature.


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Interesting, you've been in the industry for over five years and graduated film school and youre making a feature length film.
I wouldn't have guessed that with some of the questions you're asking.

No offense intended its just threads like "like how to make handheld look like a gimbal" strike me as someone in the first year or two but if youre making a feature then you're further along than i am!
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