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Has anyone read Black Existentialism?

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I have not read "Black Existentialism" I did a Google search, and it seems to be a school of thought rather than one specific book. In case you are interested in my school of thought regarding races or sexes, I think there are much greater differences between individuals than between groups. I think humanity has always taken a reductive and oversimplified approach to appraising others. Each person is different, and respect isn't something I give to one group or another, but rather to one person or another, very much as Dr. King suggested "based on the content of their character". On the topic of groups of people oppressing each other, I think it should stop, but then that's obvious. As far as how people should respond to oppression, I feel like we should all strive to be better than the systems we grew to despise, rather than taking a tit for tat approach. I felt like maybe your poll deserved a better answer than yes or no. I've thought about these issues, sure, but I avoid all literature about "isms", preferring a direct logical analysis approach. I read Plato and Socrates here and there, but I don't follow any particular groupthink. I don't really believe in cultures, or countries, or histories, or religions, or tribes. I just believe in people, one at a time. I feel like the root of many of these problems was the idea that we could address 10 million people at once using some group label.

I try to be fair to people in the moment, that's it. I don't want to become one of those people that accosts homeless people and starts reciting pages out of Atlas Shrugged. Ideologies are not for me. I just give hungry people cheeseburgers. No history, or polotics or ideologies required.