watch I'm not a filmmaker, not aspiring to be one, but I made this


I've dabbled. I love filmmaking, just can't see that being a path for me. This is all a one man production that I did out of boredom, just wanted to convey some kind of message...I don't know...just curious what other peoples eyes see and interpret.


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First off, having Gerard Butler in your movie gives it a lot of credibility. :lol: Okay, I only bring this up, because I was looking at your profile info and saw that you listed LAW ABIDING CITIZEN as one of your favorite films. I thought, "wait a minute..."

Good enough to be a stand in, right?

Okay, on to your short. Good title, which makes this all relevant. For a first short, this wasn't bad. You even had some nice aerials. I think this should have been cut down, in parts - like one cut to the face on the pillow, instead of two. I thought that was a fairly well composed shot, in spite of the auto-focus kicking in and out.

If you were to make this again, I would suggest more of a rapport with the dog. There was a lot of unrealized potential there.

Though far from perfect, I have to hand it to you; you made this by yourself and it worked fairly well. The melancholy mood of being alone (almost alone) during Christmas. That is something most people can relate to.

Don't have too much fun doing this, otherwise, you won't be able to stop; and pretty soon people will start throwing that other "F" word around, to describe you.


First off, having Gerard Butler in your movie gives it a lot of credibility. :lol:
Haha...thanks for that great critique. I agree on all points. I did this very "on the fly". I had a bit of an awkward Christmas this that half reality and half not. I had a partial idea of what I wanted to do, but I wanted it to end on a "high side" with a discovery of deeper meaning or something but...I was just blank. In the end, it ended up a lot more down than I'd originally intended.

I cut and recut to shorten and increase the pace, but I felt a little dictated by the music choices and trying to work with their length and/or my ability to cut it seamlessly. I wanted it to be silent.

Working in the combos was intended to be somewhat of a quirk that I wanted to incorporate.

I originally had a different vision but...that's what I ended up with. As I first.

On a side note...everyone used to say I looked like Russell Crowe yrs back with a shorter do....I guess with age I'm becoming a G. Maybe if I lose some lbs I could pull it off. :lol:


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